When starting a company, there are a million things can go wrong. But when they do, you will want to make sure that your founding team is on the same page. Founder splits are one of the biggest reasons that startups fail, and equity division is often a very sensitive subject. Mike Moyer is an…

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If you love data and tech trends around the world, then you’ll quickly become a fan of Jalak Jobanputra. This past February, Jalak presented the digital and mobile trends to watch around the globe- all from the eyes of an investor. Watch her travel the globe below, and catch our recap of the major trends…

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Social media has changed investor communications. While the Reg-FD has a set of rules that are helpful, navigating them in the context of online media is not often undertaken. Co-founder of StockTwits, Howard Lindzon highlights these changes and how businesses can better communicate with their investors. Watch the full keynote below, and catch our analysis….

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