Jeff Dachis


This post was written by Joe Geoghan. What will our day to day lives look like six years from now? What will be the emerging trends in business, education, and dating? How will we consume media differently? These questions formed the basis of 20/20 Vision: Your Life Just Six Years from Now, a conversation between…

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The one thing we KNOW is that 2020 begins on a Wednesday. Everything beyond that is open to discussion. What trends will be extinct? How will social media further revolutionize dating? Will the tech backlash (farm-to-table, DIY, etc.) continue? Did we pique your curiosity? If you are future-curious, then we want to hear from you!…

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If you peruse our Global Advisory Board, you’ll see some pretty recognizable names and faces- from Sarah Wood of Unruly Media to Ian Schafer of Deep Focus to Bonin Bough of Pepsi Co. Today, it’s time to get to know Jeff Dachis. Former Chairman of Razorfish, the world’s largest digital marketing solutions firm. Founder of…

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