This is a guest post by Chrysi Philalithes, Chief Digital Officer at (RED). When I think of this year’s Super Bowl, Shakespeare’s infamous phrase from Twelfth Night comes to mind. And it’s not because I’m British, not because I only recognize forms of football that have the off-side rule. It’s because if you want to…

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This post was written by Winston La. I have been to my fair share of sessions during this Social Media Week New York, but in my honest opinion Tap That App: Get Turned On by Mobile Innovation, hosted by MKG, was by far the best. Where else would you find music and an endless flow…

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The final day of Social Media Week kept up the excitement until the very end. The Social Travelers arrived in Copenhagen in time to celebrate at the closing festivities. Nokia made a major announcement of its partnership with Mission 31, making the world of the aquanauts accessible to anyone in real time. Friday night’s parties…

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Wednesday. Officially the middle of Social Media Week with more and more content, and more and more amazing connections. Milan worked to make food photography more appetizing than we thought possible, and Barcelona wrestled with the meaning of a social police force. In NYC, Upworthy’s CEO Eli Pariser announced plans to turn the audience into…

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Interested in social music? Check out Spotify’s session, The Future of Social Music, at SMW NYC. And to get us started, feel free to add your thoughts to our collaborative Future of Now Playlist or share your additions to the playlist via Twitter with the hashtag #SpotifyFoN. You can follow us on Spotify here. Late…

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Relying less and less on traditional radio, music is being consumed, shared and discovered in new ways. We once bought records, then tapes, then CDs, then mp3s. Now we are renting and streaming our music, curating our own radio then sharing it through new social channels. Discovering new music has become almost a competition as…

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The countdown has begun for Bangalore. Nokia is elevating the conversation at Social Media Week this year through a lineup of informative seminars. They will also be hosting a great night of music to close out the week. Thanks to Nokia for their incredible partnership to make SMW happen! Moxie Media and Nokia India Present:…

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It’s not ALL about ROI and the bottom line. In fact, this SMW we’re looking at all aspects of tech and humanity. Which means that you’ll have more opportunities than ever before to bring your passions to the discussion. From music to film to fashion, these are some of our favorite events focused on your…

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Putting on a show isn’t easy. But with each year the good news is, it’s starting to get easier, well sort of. Emerging technologies and creative use of existing technologies are changing the way musicians approach live performances. What 20 years ago would required a 20-piece band and a 10-person stage crew to give off…

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Its no secret that social media is changing the ways that all parts of society connect and interact, but what does this mean for the future of the arts? Experts around the world are exploring this very question at Social Media Week this February. From music to fine art to literature, join the global conversation…

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