With the recent release of Google’s new Chrome device, Chromecast, we wanted to take a look at smart TV and all of the options out there. Let’s start at the beginning: what is smart TV, you may ask? Smart TV is a technology that allows you access to streaming video services, like Amazon Instant Video,…

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Companies will make poor decisions, and CEO’s are there to guide companies through those mistakes. We associate a brand with the actions, and failures, of their CEO. Last week, we debated the latest in the Netflix saga. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced the elimination of Qwikster. After numerous weeks dealing with frustrated consumers over price…

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Netflix has been the subject of much public bashing of late, with the price hikes to the separation of services. Public outcry has plagued the company for the past few months. Then this week, CEO Reed Hastings announced that they will be eliminating their new separated DVD service, Qwikster after much public commentary. This has…

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