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So, you built an amazing app. Then what? After building products that people will love, there are still quite a few steps to getting in the hands of your future customers. David Ban from Foursquare and Matt Collins from Nokia broke down strategies for going to market successfully. Matt is the Global Director of Applications…

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People everywhere are coming together to help back community initiatives, like cultural projects, non-profit initiatives, and political movements. The crowd is powerful. And what if we could turn that power to developing a city? Rodrigo Niño recognized that even in a difficult economy, people are an incredible creative force that can get behind new real…

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Get ready to be inspired, enthralled, educated, and entertained! This year, our teams at Crowdcentric and MKG are bringing together some of the most brilliant individuals to participate in Social Media Week New York - a cursory glance at the speaker lineup below, and you’ll quickly see why we’re so excited. Join us on February 18th…

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What is one of the hottest topics at Social Media Week this year? Hands-down: How to properly measure social media marketing ROI. No matter what SMW city you call home, you can learn what you need to know about social marketing, how to measure effectiveness and what to do with your data. New York: Powering the…

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Its no secret that social media is changing the ways that all parts of society connect and interact, but what does this mean for the future of the arts? Experts around the world are exploring this very question at Social Media Week this February. From music to fine art to literature, join the global conversation…

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With another successful SMW13 behind us, we are already looking ahead to 2014. Powered by Nokia for a fourth year, our next Social Media Week (SMW14) is confirmed for February 17-21, 2014, with an initial lineup of cities to include Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hamburg, New York, Lagos, Milan, and Tokyo. Social Media Week was established we…

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Being their third year powering SMW, our friends at Nokia have really come to SMW13 with some amazing ideas around engaging our audience. Never one to want to just be on the stage, Nokia has plenty for everyone to enjoy this February. Not only are they powering our mobile app, SMW Live and SMW RealTime…

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Social Media Week started in New York City back in 2009 and since then the startup community has exploded.  To promote the booming eco-system of innovation, New York Tech Meetup in conjunction with Nasdaq has produced the following promo to encourage entrepreneurs to bring their startups to the city.

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I like a panel with structure. John Gordon, Fenton’s SVP of Digital, did a great job of laying out the themes at the beginning of the panel NGOs, Causes, and the Original Interest Graphs on Tuesday morning. Here are the four themes with examples of how they could play out. Utility – Using this blog…

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We’ve been hinting at it and now it’s time to reveal. Global Headline Sponsors Nokia have been quite busy preparing some amazing activities for SMW12. Our heads are awhirl with everything going on! From Singapore to London to New York, see Nokia in action New York Swing by the Global Society Hub at Big Fuel…

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