Next week we’ll host our first SMW NYC Community Meetup. On November 25th, we’ll bring together our event partners, influencers, bloggers, advocates, and advisory board members to share our new vision for Social Media Week New York and the various ways you can get involved. As we grow and enhance the SMW NYC experience, we…

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The on-demand taxi app field is getting a little more crowded. With NYC’s high medallion costs, there is some limitation of taxis, which now totals 13,000. That is why apps in the transportation space have been getting a lot of attention. With tons of inconveniences surfacing around hailing, paying, and directing a cab to your destination,…

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Citi Bike

In just 2 months with over 64,000 annual members, more than 3.4 million miles traveled, and a helmet rental program launching soon, New York City’s new Bike Share has fared better than most New Yorkers’ expectations. Nevertheless, New York would not be New York without some complaints: “It takes me longer to dock it back…

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Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 10.05.18 AM

Today, we are thrilled to announce CROWDFUNDx NYC. Taking place July 17th, Crowdcentric, the organization behind Social Media Week globally, is partnering with Crowdfunder to launch a pitch contest and conference for social enterprises, early stage start-ups, and small, independently-owned businesses that will benefit their local community. CROWDFUNDx: Pitch Contest The contest will feature a…

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Designing Your Day Practical Tools To Boost Your Creativity and_8495948322_m

This SMW13, we partnered with our friends Nokia@Work to bring you tips to enhance your productivity. From how you structure your day to how your brain actually processes information, the Nokia@Work Designing Your Day series gave attendees practical information to make their lives better. Bringing in Paul McGinniss, Director of Training & Delivery for NeuroLeadership…

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A Conversation with David Karp, Founder of Tumblr Brands Connecting_8493278206_m

This SMW13, a hot topic was Tumblr. As a growing destination for those interested in culture, art, and community, Tumblr is the perfect platform. Throughout the week, we hosted a series of discussions around the platform in New York and Milan. Tumblr Outreach Evangelists for Art, Travel and Gaming teamed up with bloggers to explore…

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Rewiring Government for Openness, Connection, and Choice_8488872007_m

In this era of big data and social networks, we have an opportunity to reinvent our systems; connecting citizens and leaders to create a more agile governance. Currently, however, government and large companies are holding access to information and the natural freedom that it provides as a privilege for those that can afford it, not…

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Designing Your Day Maximize Your Day, Maximize Your Brain_8489888602_m

As part of the Designing Your Day program from Nokia@Work, this session provided the neuroscience perspective on how to work with your brain to get the most out of your day. Did you know, around two hours of highly cognitive work is really possible for each of us each day? So what are the times…

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David Eastman, CEO, JWT North America, kicked off SMW NYC at our Advertising & Marketing Hub with his keynote, “Social is Eating the Web.” Immediately following, attendees enjoyed “Going Private in Public: How People Are Reclaiming Privacy in the Age of Openness,” led by Ann Mack, Director of Trendspotting at JWT. In an era when…

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Ford Motor Company, Social Wheels in Motion_8489585258_m

Ford Motor Company has been recognized as a leader social media and continues to make groundbreaking efforts in the space, managing communities that are more than 14 million strong worldwide -– and growing. Along the way, the team has learned some universal lessons in social that can be applied to agency and client work, at…

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