We’ve talked about the major growth of 2012 for the fields of social and digital media across all industries- and this leads us to be excited about the potential of 2013. We’re not the only ones. Ian Schafer of Deep Focus has been a long-standing member of our Advisory Board- and he knows social and…

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I love the holidays, and not because of all the family, gifts, and home-cooked food, but because it’s one of the few times of the year you know that you’re going to get some exciting action-packed blockbuster films. This year we’ve got an exciting mix of original content, remakes, sequels, and scarily enough a “quad-quel.”…

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Social Media Week’s global partner and collaborator JWT has released the following “100 Things to Watch” in 2011.  This time of year we are bombarded by these types of posts, but in our (slightly biased) opinion, this is by far one of the more comprehensive and insightful. View more presentations from JWTIntelligence.

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