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Beginning with the Ancient Greeks, Western culture has always valued athletes. Over time, athletes have become increasingly influential, using everything from brand endorsements and social media to build their own personal brands. In fact, athletes and teams often have more influence and reach than the brands they promote, according to real-time marketing and social media…

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Conventional marketing wisdom often dictates that we rush to judgment on new innovations when they don’t reach our lofty expectations on day one. Such may be the case with the recently maligned term RTM (real-time marketing), which has come under fire from some industry insiders who believe it corrupts social dialogue between brands and consumers….

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With more than 800 events happening each SMW edition, there’s a lot to keep track of behind the scenes. Globally, we monitor the conversation around #SMW13 and each of our cities, but each of our events have their own conversations happening as well. So, how do we do it? One of our partners uberVU has…

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Chief Marketing Officers take pride in being the trendsetters around the corporate corral – the arbiters of hip, the sharpest dressers, the consummate gadgeteers. But when it comes to using data to support decision making, the CMO is likely not to be the smoothest operator. Each year the Marketing team works hard to distill consumer…

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Conventional (marketing) wisdom says that brands can’t be everything to everyone.  I disagree and would counter that while this notion may be true on a surface level, brands can, and do, succeed by being different things to different people. Social media gives us more consumer information than anyone could ever ask for, making our jobs…

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by Heather White-Laird State Farm Insurance* was founded by a retired farmer in 1922, but that hasn’t stopped them from doing an exemplary job of navigating the new marketing landscape of 2011. The combination of highlighting their core brand attributes and reacting in real time to customer feedback, while leveraging a variety of social media…

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