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Meet the movers and shakers who are using their creativity to make the world a better place. Sustainability and ethical labor practices and are more important than ever to the consumer decision-making process, creating incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs to build companies with social good in their DNA. Join us at SMW in NYC, and be…

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After Greg Smith’s very public departure from Goldman Sachs, the growing intolerance for “toxic” business environments represents an undercurrent that is sweeping the work force. As more and more individuals begin to veer away from traditional 9-5pm career paths, job hunters are searching for meaningful, intrinsically satisfying work. 401ks no longer offer that same beam…

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As an online community, those of us working in social media and digital communications have an incredible combined reach. We’re socially-savvy and have nurtured our own personal networks to the point where our social graphs are, probably, second to none. But what do we really achieve with all this clout? Working in social media doesn’t…

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