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The holiday season is all about giving, right? And we like to think that knowledge is the best gift you can receive. Our partner uberVU recently launched a month-long “Season of Social,” centered just around this. If you are a social or community manager, then this is your holiday wish come true. Every weekday until…

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If you were to make a list of your least favorite things to do, what would be at the top of the list? For me, job interviews come in at about third or fourth. Regardless of whether I like them or not, they’re something I will be doing quite frequently in the coming years, as…

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Americans make more than 405 million long-distance business trips per year, accounting for 16% of all long-distance travel. This means you’re more than likely taking a business trip soon. If it’s your first trip or you’re a veteran, we want to make sure you make a great impression on your trip. To ensure that you…

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Are you tired of writing press releases and never getting the attention you desire? As an entrepreneur or small business, time is limited. So, you want to write a piece that reporters actually read — and we want to help you. Look no further, because with this how-to guide, you’ll be on your way. Follow…

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Does it seem like the simplest of things always end up taking the most time? Are you frustrated by the ratio of time it takes for you to leave a voicemail versus the time spent listening to instructions on how to do so? Fret no more! With these time-saving tech tips from David Pogue, personal…

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This post is authored by Kira Byczek With our event submissions closed, it’s time to start looking forward to So, you want to give the speech of a lifetime? In order to write a speech that goes down in history, you must first have something important to say, and you must say it in a…

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This Wednesday, Miki Agrawal will be taking the stage during CROWDFUNDx NYC to share her experiences. Why are we thrilled to have her participate? Miki is a serial social entrepreneur and award winner. She was a recipient of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival’s “Disruptive Innovation Award” and named 2013’s Forbes’ “Top 20 Millienials On a…

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Designing Your Day Maximize Your Day, Maximize Your Brain_8489888602_m

As part of the Designing Your Day program from Nokia@Work, this session provided the neuroscience perspective on how to work with your brain to get the most out of your day. Did you know, around two hours of highly cognitive work is really possible for each of us each day? So what are the times…

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