According to a public filing by AllThingsD, Uber is currently valued at  $3.5 billion. This number has not gone unnoticed by Google Ventures, an investment arm of Google, who has reportedly invested $258 million into the startup. In an article published by TechCrunch, this investment is Google Venture’s largest to date — signaling a growth spurt for Uber. There…

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The on-demand taxi app field is getting a little more crowded. With NYC’s high medallion costs, there is some limitation of taxis, which now totals 13,000. That is why apps in the transportation space have been getting a lot of attention. With tons of inconveniences surfacing around hailing, paying, and directing a cab to your destination,…

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Citi Bike

In just 2 months with over 64,000 annual members, more than 3.4 million miles traveled, and a helmet rental program launching soon, New York City’s new Bike Share has fared better than most New Yorkers’ expectations. Nevertheless, New York would not be New York without some complaints: “It takes me longer to dock it back…

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