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I got the “#” symbol shaved into my head. It’s my personal homage to the eight Social Media Week conferences that are taking place in cities around the world this week—including London, which is where I’ll be thanks to the generous support of the SMW Travel Award. I’m about to take the leap from online…

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Last but not least in our announcement of our SMW Travel Award winners is our speaker winner. As Jenna prepares for her event, in the southern hemisphere, another woman is prepping to take the stage this September. Today, we want you to meet our featured Travel Award Speaker, Thaisy Pecsén. Thaisy lives in a favela…

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Last week, we announced our SMW Travel Award winners and introduced you to Jenna Bond. As Jenna prepares for her event, in another city, Scott Shigeoka is prepping to bring a flavor of the district to India. DC resident Scott will make the trek to Mumbai. There he’ll be documenting his entire experience and getting…

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As Social Media Week continues to expand, we are striving to highlight the global nature and opportunities available to our community. As part of that, this summer we opened up our Travel Award Program with our partners Nokia. We asked you, our community, to share with us how you would bring your city and inspiration…

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