Wednesday. Officially the middle of Social Media Week with more and more content, and more and more amazing connections. Milan worked to make food photography more appetizing than we thought possible, and Barcelona wrestled with the meaning of a social police force. In NYC, Upworthy’s CEO Eli Pariser announced plans to turn the audience into…

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You only have to look around our New York office around lunchtime to see how much we love Chipotle. The sentiment seems to be universal, as Chipotle opens a new location nearly every other day. But as much as we love the burritos, Chipotle’s innovative marketing strategy is what we are especially excited about this…

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“It’s all about mobile.” “TV’s still have room to grow.” “The advertising industry will be screen agnostic.” These are just a few of the reactions from Tremor Video executives after touring the exhibits at last week’s International Consumer Electronics Show.  Here’s our take on what we saw in relation to video advertising and content. Transmedia storytelling …

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We’ve talked about the major growth of 2012 for the fields of social and digital media across all industries- and this leads us to be excited about the potential of 2013. We’re not the only ones. Ian Schafer of Deep Focus has been a long-standing member of our Advisory Board- and he knows social and…

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In the marketing world, we often hear about the importance of having a point of view. If you don’t, you risk being a commodity instead of a unique generator of ideas. Marc Landsberg is known for having a point of view. Several years ago, just before Facebook launched to the public, he was CEO of Arc Worldwide,…

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