It’s time! Social Media Week is arriving! Kicking off in less than a week in eight cities around the world and with over 800 events taking place, this SMW14 is creating unique opportunities globally for you to experience something amazing. We’re really looking at how humanity and technology are meeting, covering everything from wearable tech…

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This is a guest contribution from John Terra. One of the biggest benefits of social media platforms, such as Twitter, is that you are connected to a huge number of people who have a wide range of opinions and viewpoints. Conversely, one of the biggest drawbacks of social media platforms such as Twitter is that…

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Who in Spain has almost 700,000 Twitter followers, 70,000 Facebook friends and more than 4 million YouTube video views? If you guessed one of the country’s leading actors, artists, musicians or bands, you’ve guessed wrong. It’s actually the National Police, Policia. In fact, the agency is nipping on the heels of the FBI when it…

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Throughout my time in the social space, I have sat in on many speeches and workshops where strategists offered differing opinions on everything: the kinds of apps one should use, the number of hashtags to include in a post, how many social networks we should be on, and whether programmed tweets and the so-called “humble…

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Beginning with the Ancient Greeks, Western culture has always valued athletes. Over time, athletes have become increasingly influential, using everything from brand endorsements and social media to build their own personal brands. In fact, athletes and teams often have more influence and reach than the brands they promote, according to real-time marketing and social media…

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This time next week, SMW13 will be in full force with our partners Nokia! With 8 cities officially participating and so many events happening online, we want to equip you to stay up to date with all things SMW13. From our mobile app to SMW Live and streaming events, we have your comprehensive guide to…

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If you’re anything like me and my friends, you have enough embarrassing pictures of them to make a photo album. If you’re a lot like me and my friends… then you actually have a photo album filled with embarrassing pictures of all of you. The fact of the matter is, there are so many of…

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There is a new poll in town taking political analysis to another level. Politicians looking to measure popularity now have TrendPo, a D.C.-based technology company headquartered in San Francisco that has bolstered social media monitoring. Founded in 2012, TrendPo created a complex algorithm that factors in online public sentiment, Facebook likes, and Twitter mentions along with traditional news to…

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It’s time! Social Media Week is arriving! Kicking off in 5 days in 10 cities around the world with over 500 events taking place, Social Media Week February is bringing a very unique experience to us. With debuts from Copenhagen and Lagos, a return to Milan, and 7 veteran SMW cities, we can’t wait to…

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With over 24 million conversations taking place across social media, Super Bowl XLVII proved to be the most socially engaged Super Bowl ever. Networked Insights was able to navigate the social media “field” during the game, providing insights into the what people were talking about in terms of the advertisers, teams, and even the spectacular…

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