The conversations are starting. The excitement is building. But if this is your first Social Media Week, there may be a few questions. We’re here to help break it all down for you. Before you know it, you’ll be a SMW pro. What is Social Media Week? Social Media Week is a worldwide event exploring…

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It really does take a village to make SMW a success. Our global team of 7, (yes, we’re a small group) work with local organizations and businesses in each of our host cities to run SMW twice a year (yes, we have 2 global conferences with each city hosting only once a year). The local…

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Each year, there are dozens of faces behind the scenes helping make Social Media Week possible. And we want to highlight some of these individuals that have stood out. Today, we’re introducing you to Kelly Raeds from Social Media Week Berlin with their reception and A/V needs.   1. Tell us a bit about yourself….

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Social Media Week is a collaborative event. Making it run smoothly really takes the efforts of many. And we are so grateful for the volunteers who help make it a success each year. Some of these individuals have stood out and we want to highlight their work and support- and let you get a glimpse…

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Social Media Week September is growing rapidly- we have over 300 events lined up across all 12 cities, with more pouring in each day.  Last week, we shared some of our top picks for Social Media Week September, and it’s not too late for you to play a larger role. Event submission is still open,…

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