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This past year saw many changes in the publishing industry, with the sale of the Washington Post to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and the rise of online powerhouses like Upworthy and BuzzFeed. 2013 solidified that social media is no longer a crutch but a force that can transform and potentially save the dying industry. Interaction…

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mainstream media vs social media in journalism

Image // via attendee @digitalhen A lively debate took place in Hong Kong Thursday evening between traditional journalists and social media news breakers and what the differences mean for the future of news consumption. Vocal panelists included Angie Lau (Bloomberg Television), Asha Phillips (, and Mariko Sanchanta (Wall Street Journal). Sanchanta started off by stating…

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While the majority of notable first quarter 2011 changes in the social space originated from Facebook – from the launch of Facebook Deals and Questions to the shift from FBML to iFrame – this past quarter’s shifts were more balanced across the landscape, and as the months progressed from Spring to Summer, the changes got…

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