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This was an emotional, yet inspiring year. Occupy Wall Street regained momentum with the Rolling Jubilee. The Euro crisis calmed. Egypt and Libya struggled to stand on their own feet again. The Queen’s Jubliee gave way to a very social London Olympics. A turbulent American election cycle hoisted Barack Obama back to the helm. New…

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It’s pretty astonishing to see how far we have all come in the three years that Social Media Week has been in existence. The thirst for knowledge and desire to connect around the most pressing issues we face as a society has never been greater, and here at Crowdcentric, we’ve had the privilege of being…

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This past Social Media Week, we unveiled our Top 10 Social Media Events of 2011. And as the year closes, several new events have got our attention- events that fell in line with our listing of events that were defined and fundamentally shaped by the use of media. Due to this, Social Media Week has…

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