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This week, I had the chance to “Twitterview” (Twitter + interview) Jennifer Baier, Senior Program Specialist, Technology and Volunteer Engagement at the AARP Illinois State Office, as a follow-up to her Social Media Week presentation, Demystifying Social Media for Seniors and Beyond. We’ve heard that those over 50 are one of the fastest growing demographics…

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“Oh, Johnny the butcher, he’s great! He always asks about the kids and serves up the best three and a half pounds of roast that my family could ask for.” Back in the day, word of mouth recommendations were a golden currency. Proprietors got to know the people who came to their shops – they…

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A delicious look at Facebook and Twitter for chefs, foodies, and restaurateurs. Ingredients 5 foodie panelists 1 founder of Restaurant Intelligence Agency A bunch of Tweets A sprinkle of Facebook posts A variety of blog content 4 oz. of a good red wine Directions 1. Preheat your digital presence. Heating up to the idea of social…

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