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Every day, consumers are exposed and are participating in a variety of fan pages, corporate and employee Twitter accounts, social contests, and branded viral campaigns. Openly and voluntarily, social media users share votes, post videos, link friends to social comments, and opt-in to gain more information about products and services via social media and e-newsletters….

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The Social Movement is changing our world. The way we interact with others, do business, and carry on with our day-to-day lives has drastically changed. We deposit checks from our cell phones, shop without stepping foot in a grocery store, receive recommendations from ecommerce sites for birthday presents, prefer virtual goods over physical goods, and even have the…

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Social media has given us a platform to share extreme details of our lives—who we’re dating, what we had for lunch, who we’re connected with, our exact location, what game we’re playing, and live pictures from special events. Social media provides a constant feed of personal information, news, and current events and has undeniably changed…

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Writing and selling a book is no different than developing and selling a product. The developer must know the product, target audience, demographic, channels of distribution, and demonstrate proper marketing and advertising techniques to gain awareness and exposure. And while the rules of publishing are similar to those existing 10 years ago, publishing a book…

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