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Daniel Clarkson and his co-star, Jefferson Turner, have helped their original comedic homage to Harry Potter rise to fame by using social media to communicate extensively and consistently with their fan base. I recently had the pleasure of talking with Dan who kept me laughing throughout. If his Twitter feeds are half as fun to…

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There may be no better forum to test the effectiveness of Social Media than the fan-centric world of sports.  The Chicago Cubs boasts one of the strongest fan bases in baseball, as witnessed by the staggering numbers of their SM followers (see below).  One of the people most instrumental in growing those numbers exponentially since…

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At age 27, Chef Graham Elliot became the youngest Four Star Chef to be named in any major U.S. city and was named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s “Best New Chefs” in 2004. He now owns three critically acclaimed restaurants in Chicago: Graham Elliot, which garnered one Michelin star in 2011 and 2012 and…

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Chicago’s prolific theater scene would not be nearly as vibrant or successful without the marketing prowess of Broadway In Chicago’s VP of Marketing, Eileen LaCario and her dedicated social media team. Broadway In Chicago’s use of social media has been more than effective, and has been ground-breaking in an industry that until recently was known…

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