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This week’s Chicago Tribune ‘So Social’ column is an overview of how to use Pinterest, including best uses and best-practices for both individuals and brands using the site. The topic is timed with the already-popular Pinterest moving from an invite-only to open-invite site. Read: “Pinterest freedom, Now what?” by Amy Guth, Chicago Tribune. For archives…

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In this week’s Chicago Tribune So Social column, I discussed a simple, but often overlooked concept: the rule of thirds in social media.  The idea in a nutshell is this: one third of your time on social media, share your own news and links. Another third of the time, be social by answering and asking…

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This week’s Chicago Tribune So Social column tackles the subject of Twitter chats. Specifically, I address in the column how to properly participate in a Twitter chat, and why participating in Twitter chats is beneficial whether you are chatting about your personal or professional interests. Read: How to join a Twitter chat (and why it…

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In the most recent Chicago Tribune So Social column, I waded into the topic of online safety and specific actions you can take to keep your accounts safe. The list of actions covers the basic, common-sense ways to keep guard, as well as reminders of regular checks to perform to keep your online life running…

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During Social Media: An Information Treasure Trove, our moderator, Amy Guth of the Chicago Tribune, kicked off the session with a fully loaded question: Why do we measure, what do we measure and how do we measure?  With only an hour and a half, my first thought was how are we ever going to get…

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