Social Media Week would not be possible without the guidance and ongoing support from our host Team. Our team is a collection of game changers, connectors, community builders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and practitioners. Our Partners in Qatar are Social4ce.


Social4ce is a middle eastern ‘social business’ consultancy helping regional businesses, organizations and governments to embed social media in all its processes (being marketing, communication, customer service, new product development, HR) connecting people to people, people to information and data to insight.

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بفضل النموذج الذي وضعناه لنمو مؤتمر سوشال ميديا ويك، كنا محظوظين بما يكفي لرؤية المؤتمر ينمو في مناطق وبلدان جديدة من العالم، مثل شنغهاي، سيول، وجدة جميع الافرقاء القيمون على الحدث يعملون محليا وعالميا بجودة وشغف عالي جدا لتحضير وبناء مؤتمر استثنائي. هناك الكثير من التخطيط والتنسيق مع المنظمين المحليين حتى نتمكن من تنفيذ مستوى…

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Thanks to the model we’ve set up to grow Social Media Week, we have been lucky enough to see the conference grow into new areas of the world like Shanghai, Seoul, and Jeddah. Each of our teams work exceptionally hard to help make SMW a high-quality event, both locally and globally. A lot goes into…

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In less than 3 weeks on May 2, you’ll know the the full line up of cities for September’s Social Media Week, but for now, we want to welcome back some cities are returning and let you know about one very exciting change. September’s Returning Cities Berlin, hosted by DeskWanted Bogota, hosted by Zemoga Chicago,…

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