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Recall us talking about the incredible deep sea exploration that Fabien Cousteau and Nokia are embarking on? (For a little memory jog, click here.) Well, the countdown to Mission 31 is underway! For 31 days, Fabien Cousteau and his filmmaking team will live and work in the name of science in Aquarius, the world’s only…

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Remember the thrill of The NASA Space Program? Watching shuttle launches and news coverage of missions? Hoping you were home in time for the launch or that your teacher was cool enough to rent the TV for your classroom? Well, this generation will have the thrill of exploration at their fingertips. On Friday at SMW…

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Girl Rising is a campaign fighting for the education of girls across the globe. Women face significant barriers preventing them from the pursuit of education, like early marriage, domestic slavery, and gender-based violence. This inspiring film tells the stories of nine women from around the globe as they fight to expand access to education for…

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I met consultants, journalists, techies, entrepreneurs and agency executives at this year’s Social Media Week London, powered by Nokia. The week successfully brought together industry leaders from within London and across the world—I learned and shared with people from China, Germany, Brazil and the USA, just to name a few. From masterclasses to epic mixers,…

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Today, LinkedIn made a big announcement in an effort to capture a new audience. Christina Allen, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, published a post that announced the launch of their new University Pages. Allen described the vision for such a feature as being “one cornerstone of our strategy to help students at every critical…

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Are you tired of writing press releases and never getting the attention you desire? As an entrepreneur or small business, time is limited. So, you want to write a piece that reporters actually read — and we want to help you. Look no further, because with this how-to guide, you’ll be on your way. Follow…

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On the last day of work with most of us heading to free and relaxed days of merriment and reflection, I’ve been asking myself about what I’ve achieved in the last year as a person and with my team at SMW. The answer is a lot, and what happened and the people I met have…

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