Social Media Week Glasgow: some myths demolished

We speak to people about Social Media Week all the time and we scan the social media channels to see that is being said about it, and much of the time we have to help people understand what it is about, how it works, and how they can participate. I guess it is a challenge inherent in doing innovative conference formats, but in an effort to try to clarify things a bit we offer a few myth busting points of information.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It’s all taking place in one location, right?
Wrong – Social Media Week will take place across Glasgow at multiple locations. Some locations may have more than one event and some locations may be hubs for themed events, but it is distributed all over the city.

Do you have to pay to go to the events?
No, the events are all free. One of the key criteria for an event to be accepted as part of the Social Media Week schedule is that the event is free for people to attend.

I have to pay to put on an event, don’t I?
No you don’t. If you want to put on an event as part of the world’s biggest social media meeting then you can submit your event details through the registration form and, as long as it meets the simple criteria, then you are likely to be accepted onto the schedule.

All the events are conference type speaker events.
No, they are not. Social Media Week will have a range of events taking place from tweet ups to workshops to speaker-led events. We welcome creative ideas from people wanting to put on an event. If a format has never taken place before, we will want it for SMW Glasgow!

I don’t have a venue so I can’t put on an event
Don’t despair. We have some very generous venue sponsors who are making venue space available for those with an interesting event but no place to hold it. If you are stick then let us know, we can probably help.

It’s only for business
Not so. Organisations from all sectors are getting involved. Remember that the main subject of Social Media Week is how social media and mobile communications are changing culture, society and economy, as a whole as well as in specific sectors.

I can’t get involved as I am not part of any of the event organiser companies/sponsor/venue partners
This isn’t a closed shop and we welcome those that want to make the week a success. Lots of people are volunteering their time and services as bloggers, helpers, photographers and live-tweeters.

How do I get involved or register an event?
Simply explore this website :) You can submit your interest to get involved as a volunteer, blogger, live-twitterer.. here, and register your event here. And you can contact us on, on twitter and on Facebook!

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