The Business Banter [guest blog by Martin (Jacky) Jack]

As promised we are going to publish more frequently in the run up to Social Media Week Glasgow, and in doing that we are going to introduce guest bloggers and highlight different participants in Social Media Week. Our guest blogger today is Martin Jack – better known as Jacky, the Master Banterer (I just invented this ;) ) -, . We have personally been attending the Business Banter for over 6 months now and we would definitely recommend it. Thanks for bantering with us Jacky!

It would appear to me that sometimes far too much reliance is based on the ‘Media’ aspect of Social Media and less on the ‘Social’ aspect. I don’t mean here the fun filled ‘social’ elements that take place in pubs and restaurants with groups of fellow Tweeters, LinkedIn groups, Facebook and the like.

What I do mean is the heavy reliance and time resource people seem to put in to developing their social media strategy. Getting the 140 characters just right, updating the LinkedIn profile just often enough to keep in our contacts mindset. Starting and responding within discussion groups, etc., etc.

While from a geographical, time and cost perspective it would be impossible to actually meet with your virtual network of contacts, there is genuinely nothing to beat face to face meetings and that’s why I think Social Media Week Glasgow offers such a wide diversity of opportunities to enhance the quality of your business network and not just the quantity of followers you can add into the equation.

Think Different Business Banter, which was established at the tail end of August 2010, was a direct result of wanting to meet some of the people who had for whatever reason LinkedIn or followed me on Twitter ‘blind’.  I wanted to make contact with them but why should they respond so positively I wasn’t sure. Was it a numbers game for them as well?

Using our experience of organising events and my own thoughts on what had worked and what hadn’t in the other networking groups I was a member of, I decided that Think Different Business Banter would offer a casual approach to developing a business network.

Over 450 business people have attended to date and there is now a regular buzz in Esquires on a Thursday morning as 50 or more people, brought together through the media, have quality social contact. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea or coffee but is a tangible success of how using the appropriate tools that the technology provides us can add value to the meetings and larger events currently on the go.

If there is one concern I have of Think Different Business Banter, it is in the diversity of sectors which are covered by Banterers each week – financial, legal, coaching, graphic and web design, office supplies, event management, marketing, etc., etc.

I have taken the opportunity that Social Media Week provides to develop 4 additional events that week which will look at the social media aspects as they relate to Construction, Legal/Financial, Telecoms, and a combination of PR/Marketing/Graphic and Web Design, in addition to the regular event which will enable other groupings to discuss their social media use, or lack of it.

Over the coming weeks we will develop each of the four new models and I hope that this divergence will provide focus for the discussions on each day.


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