Social Media Week goes live

We’re nearly there! Less than 50 days to the biggest Social Media event in the world!

Today the first schedule is going live globally: you will be presented with a list of some of the events happening in all 12 cities around the world, you will start having a better taste of what Social Media Week will be like…and you will soon find out that it will be AWESOME ;-)

Last month has passed so quickly in a continuous flow of ideas and brainstorming on how to make this a success for Glasgow and Scotland.
We introduced our Advisory Board, who are being extremely helpful in organising events and reaching out to more and more communities. We have announced our main sponsors, Equator, and are thrilled with their inspiring creative ideas for Social Media Week. We have been talking with so many of you, and it confirms that Glasgow is the perfect city to host SMW, sociable, open-minded, creative, digitally connected and ready to embrace Scotland, UK, Europe and the World.

Scotland may well be more digitally engaged that we imagine. Social Media is already widely used. However our challenge, together with broadening the debate over SM, will be to tackle digital 2.0 exclusion. How many people do you know that are not on twitter or Facebook or any other social network yet? It’s certainly not a sin, but it’s a missed opportunity. Get them involved, send them an email, a text, give them a phone call, talk about it while having a drink, SMW Glasgow is for everyone, come aboard and invite others to be part of this big party 2.0!

When twintangibles and New Media Corp began the campaign to bring Social Media Week to Glasgow we had an idea in mind of the number of events we could reasonably hope to achieve. Last week we counted the proposed events we have on the list..we won’t unveil the number because we’re still trying to get used to it (SCARY!). But it is many more than we could ever have imagined so thanks again for your enthusiasm!
On the version one schedule that is revealed today you will find just some of them.  Many of you have been on holidays, many of you have still to confirm dates, venues, and so on. So the schedule, whilst already rich and exciting, is hardly the half of what will be happening between the 19th and the 23rd of September in Glasgow.

And submission of events is still open! Unfortunately our request to NY to change Social Media Week into Social Media Fortnight has been rejected..but we will surely find a place for your event!

Final important point, the free event registrations will open on the 6th of September, but you can already save as a favourite all the events you wish to attend, and then go back to them when the registration starts.

Thank you all again, and keep on watching this space…further details, new speakers, and new fantastic events will be added daily!

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