Meet our partners: Interview with Camille Lorigo – Marketing Manager at Skypark

Camille Lorigo

For the last 3 weeks the SMW team has been based in the lovely offices at Skypark. Last Wednesday, we had the chance to interview Camille Lorigo, Marketing Manager (left). Camille was one of those people who ‘just got it” and came on board from the very beginning, with all her enthusiasm and generosity. We can’t thank her and Skypark enough for letting us use what is now SMW Glasgow HQ, and also for the huge event space that will be available 24/7 through Social Media Week.



SkyparkHow did you hear about SMW?

Our PR company, Skylark, actually recommended it. They heard you were working with the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, I looked up the website and I thought “that looks quite cool!”. I got in touch and I had an email straight back from Arvind. His initial response was very open minded, very positive, very decisive. I like that.

What made you want to get involved?

Social Media is something that has changed the way business works, it’s changing business models, it’s changing the way that trends and information sweeps internationally. We want Skypark to be an oasis of the future – we come from the future! We want to lead the way, and the SMW is about just that – a glimpse of what is coming in the next wave… and that wave will affect our work and our private lives.

What are Skypark’s ambition for SMW?

It’s an injection of energy and excitement. We’re keen to engage with our onsite community, to get tenants attending events such as SMW. We want them to think particularly about the value of networking as one of Skypark’s biggest assets is the calibre and diversity of different businesses on site. If you pair that with the unique spirit of community you find in Glasgow, it’s a rare and unbeatable combo. I hope that SMW makes a lasting impact. Maybe to even return to Glasgow and Skypark next year!

Is there anything personally that you’re looking forward to in SMW?

The international information exchange. I want to know what Moscow, LA, Buenos Aires are up to. It’s really important that we constantly bring international energy to Scotland. We may live on an island, and we may be a small city – but we’re gutsy and Social Media is a great way for Glasgow to carry on punching above our weight with impact and reputation.

What is Skypark?

We are evolving into offering a business campus. We’re not trying to kidnap anyone here, but when people are at work on site, we’re trying to give them everything they need at close hand, including things like a creche, a cafe, exercise classes, pop-up shops, an art gallery, and a tenants’ lounge for socializing. And it’s great to be on Finnieston’s boundaries where you have some of the cities fastest growing cafe/bar/restaurant/boutique culture.

What is special about Skypark?

We’re big and beautiful and glassy, which translates into great light and great views. We’re probably one of the first business parks in the country to have an Art School on site… and with that comes a lot of opportunities for creating relationships and exchanges between the art school and thebusinesses on site.

What sort of organizations are here?

Barnardos, Thomson Reuters, RMJM architects, spa cosmetics such as Dermalogica; specialist engineering firms, Harley Haddow, Seatec, Lloyd’s Register, Hannah Reid; O2, Four Seasons Nusery.. to name a few.

How do you use social media at Skypark?

For us social media is an instant notification that avoids the cascading tree of the usual information management structures, where messages can be diluted or lost. We’re open to direct relationships with any one of our 3,000+ tenants that have ideas or feedback. And each time someone gets in touch, it’s really encouraging that people care and want to contribute to making the site really special. Facebook has the benefit of offering great visual presentations for us. Our photo library online is pretty much a window into site life.

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  1. Was just wondering the other day, what Camille Lorigo is up to post the much-missed Che Camille. Great to hear she’s still active in Glasgow. Makes me want to find out more about Skypark… well done! 

    Commentby Pennie Taylor — September 5, 2011 @ 2:18 pm

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