It’s been quite a Social Media Week

It’s been quite a week, or should I say, quite a social media week. It’s impossible to identify a single highlight, as there have been so many great speakers, presentations, announcements and audience Q&As this week, as well as some terrific engagement via social media and the live-stream platforms. Although not official yet, it’s looking like there will have been 4,000 event attendances during Social Media Week Glasgow – a pretty respectable outcome for an inaugural effort, so thank you Creative Scotland for having faith in us. You guys get the vibe. Glasgow was the largest event of all 12 cities and the largest single, social media gathering (unconference) ever held outside the US of A.

Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture & External Affairs, who officially launched the event on Monday, was pleased to hear about the level of international interest in Glasgow and its innovation, cultural and creative talent. As the UK host city, Glasgow has attracted much interest not only from the other 11 host cities, but from other, non-host cities, of which there are many. Many of these cities aspire to become a host Social Media Week city, and so, are keen to observe and learn from what is happening in the UK, or rather, in Glasgow.

The Minister’s public support, on behalf of the Scottish Government, was much welcomed and a great virtual pat on the back to all of us, as without you, the audience and participants, the programme would not have come to life. From CNN to Nokia, from BBC (London) to STV, from Google to SoLoCo, from Scottish Government to PSYBT, from the Google+ Beta release to the VC with Don Tapscott, from leading law firms to charities, from… well, you get the idea! On top of a crowd-sourced tartan and a book to Gaelic Skype classes, one key announcement was Glasgow’s signing of an MoU with the NY-based Intelligent City Forum, as was the statement that the first motion to include a hashtag was passed in the Scottish Parliament!

This digital legacy of Social Media Week Glasgow (Sept 11) will be an international record of where Scotland is today in terms of its thinking and activity, its research and development and its pursuit of social good and entrepreneurship. We’re stronger together, so thank you to “the crowd” who we have “sourced”, or who sourced us, as this would not have been possible without a willingness to come together for the greater good. Thank you, Scotland.

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