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 In case you were wondering we are still here, we haven’t disappeared, and we are not just repinning and sharing your (AMAZING) pics for #instagramyourcity (keep them coming, it’s wonderful to see Glasgow through your eyes). Lots to do to make sure everything is ready to open the celebration of all things social once again.

Anyway, we’ve got some news for you!

Social Media Week Glasgow 2012  like last year will be a crowdsourced event. However this year we thought it might be better to give it a slightly more defined structure by introducing the idea of themes running through the week under which we will group events with a common aspect. Of course not everything will fit into themes so don’t let it cramp your creativity but we think that it might help people navigate through a busy schedule, and find the events they want.  What do you think? Let us know! In the meantime, don’t forget that Social Media Week has a global theme, Empowering Change Through Collaboration, best explained by the words of global SMW curator and SMWGla 2011 keynote speaker Don Tapscott.

Open Brainstorming Session – Glasgow, 12/6 – 6pm

We value your opinions, ideas and suggestions on how to make #SMWGla another striking success. So we are offering an open invitation to you to join us for an open brainstorming session next month. Here’s the plan: we’ll meet and discuss ideas, things you would like to see happening, themes you might  want to see and any other items that will help develop SMW in a way you would like to see it. There will be only one rule: active participation is demanded. So, if you’re willing to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions, please join us on the 12th of June at 6 pm. Location will be announced shortly, but due to the nature of the event itself, space will be limited. Let us know if you want to attend by sending us a short email to

Meet the Advisory Board:

We are pleased to announce the initial members of our Advisory Board. We are grateful to the time, expertise and insight that they bring to SMW Glasgow and you can find out who they are and a little more about them here.

A few more names will be announced in the next weeks. As ambassadors for SMW and a sounding board for it please reach out to them if you need to know anything about SMWGla, they will be happy to guide you.

Event Submission:

Last but not least, event submission is approaching fast. On the 5th of June you can start submitting your ideas for events and we’re looking forward to hearing more creative and exciting event proposals.

That’s all for now! Please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


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