A day of brainstorming for #SMWGla

Hello everyone! Just a quick introduction: please meet Annette Smith also known as @moosecatear, who will be helping us with all things SMWgla this year! We are extremely lucky to have her on board, she was of invaluable support last year too, helping us out during the week as a volunteer. Her first day was yesterday, and what a day it was…She will tell you about it in the following blog post.

Yesterday saw two major milestones for SMWGla team as we hosted the first Advisory Board meeting and we held a brainstorming session at the Monkey Bar, where people were invited to share their opinions on Social Media Week past and future.

We were extremely happy with how things went with the board, the engagement around the table was amazing, ideas bouncing everywhere. We are delighted to have such an amazing group of people helping and supporting us this year.

As for the brainstorming session, likewise: a group of brilliant people, all coming from different backgrounds and all with that kind of passion and engagement that we need to make of SMW Glasgow a great week. They were also very smart people, as they demonstrated passing the very first test we submitted to them: finding the Monkey Bar when the wrong address was posted online!

Thank you to everyone who attended both meetings. Your input is invaluable and we will post further details of both meetings soon, as well as a few videos. You can already find some pictures here.

Even if you could not attend yesterday’s meetings and want to share your ideas, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you. We have an open group on Kiltr that we would like you to join. Please send us suggestions, ideas, brain waves; we are listening!

Of course Event Submissions are open so now is the time to start putting those ideas on paper and get submitting! Our Event Submission Guide is there to help you if needed.

Just a quick reminder that Instagram Your City competition closes on June 29th so get your lovely pictures in now and make sure you’re in with a chance to win that trip to one of the participating cities all over the world. Glasgow has really stepped up to the competition and has proved why it is a worthy city to represent Scotland for Social Media Week. Spotlight on Glasgow reveals why here.

[Annette Smith]

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