How You Are Crowdsourcing #SMWGla

Hello everybody. Hope you have been enjoying the glorious sunshine over the past few days and getting some really nice photos of Glasgow for #InstagramYourCity! The deadline is next Friday 29th June so get snapping!

Last Tuesday we had a meeting with the Social Media Week Glasgow Advisory Board, and held a brainstorming session with those who wanted to attend the event and looked to develop ideas and themes for this year’s SMWGla.

We decided to introduce the idea of themes to our events to open SMW up to a wider range of audiences, and encourage a wider level of participation.
We have been looking at all your ideas for themes and there are some really positive outcomes from the Advisory Board meeting, the brainstorming session last week and the KILTR group. Please continue the discussion in the SMWGla KILTR group and keep those ideas flowing. Anyone can join the group and have their ideas heard.

Remember that Social Media Week is a crowdsourced event and the content is down to you. It’s you who shapes the early stages. So, again, we highly value your feedback and suggestions. Keep sending them, we are listening!

Your ideas and themes will soon be presented to the Advisory Board for further discussion, and we will give you more info on the final themes picked shortly. Please remember that even if your particular theme isn’t picked, events under that topic can still be submitted, not every event can and will fit into a theme, but can fit under the overall theme of SMW which is Empowering Change Through Collaboration.

Here’s a few topics that have been mentioned so far to give you some food for thought.

-Accessibilty and Online Participation                          -Food and Drink
-Environmental issues                                                        -Health and Wellbeing
-Online Privacy                                                                    – Social Media and Education

Here’s some photos of the Brainstorming in action where you can see the ideas proposed in more detail on the group’s sheets.

For events submission and an event submission guide, have a look here and we look forward to receiving your event ideas soon.


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  1. I think Publicity would be an interesting theme. There have been some issues, local to Glasgow, that have drawn a lot of global attention through Social Media, this past year. I think they provoke lots of talking points.

    For example, Chris White (Braehead photo ban) and the school pupil who took photos of her school meals are two. In both cases, support in numbers, i.e. collaboration via social media channels, empowered the individual involved, and changed the outcome of their respective issues. 

    Now that organisations are beginning to realise there could be unwelcome consequences for them when someone, who is treated unfairly, takes their case to the ‘social media court,’ will it empower all of us in future?      

    Although, I think Chris White was in the right, for the sake of discussion, you could argue – and it’s probably true – that the many people who supported him didn’t really know the full story and reacted based on a limited grasp of the facts. 

    Publicity has also been effective for Digistreetpaper to raise money for the Big Issue project, through Kickstarter and the Poverty Alliance are promoting a ‘Stick your Labels’ campaign via social media. Both, and similar initiatives, fit into your theme.

    Commentby TonyGallacher — June 21, 2012 @ 7:10 pm

  2. thanks Tony, excellent point. The story of Karen the bullied bus monitor is another similar example ( How would you develop the above into a theme, what kind of events would you have under it?

    Commentby Daniela — June 27, 2012 @ 4:10 am

  3. sorry, broken link:

    Commentby Daniela — June 27, 2012 @ 4:12 am

  4. Hi Daniela, within the theme of ‘Empowering Change Through Collaboration’ I’d start by breaking Publicity down into sub-headings. Some of those might be: Impact of Viral News Stories, Non-profits, Public bodies and Children and Young Adults.

    I think the professions and organisations involved, that you identify by doing that, then start to suggest likely participants and formats.

    I’ll send you an email to explain more

    Commentby TonyGallacher — June 27, 2012 @ 2:15 pm

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