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When we think of crowdsourcing, we mainly think of the process of gathering ideas to co-create something. That’s all “fine and dandy”, but there is more to it than that, at least if we want to use it to create real value. Crowdsourcing needs moderation, purpose, the right questions to be addressed, and yes, it also needs the right ‘crowd’. We can all now aspire to be inventors or designers doesn’t mean we all are, but crowdsourcing does mean that whoever has got talent to be an inventor or a designer now has got a real opportunity to be so.

When we say that Social Media Week Glasgow is a crowdsourced event we mean exactly that. #SMWGla is about gathering ideas, suggestions and content and in so doing co-organising a convention that promotes collaboration and sharing to empower change in the world.

During the brainstorming session and the first advisory board meeting that we held a couple of weeks ago, we all agreed on a very important point: we need to address issues and stop focusing on the technology. There’s little point in just offering workshops on how to use twitter, even basic ones, if people are not aware of how twitter could change their life.

Think about the outcomes you want to achieve, or think about the issues you want to address. There’s hardly something you can’t make better in collaboration with a wide pool of talents across the world.

In the weeks leading to #SMWGla, we will be trying to identify some key issues and will be seeking solutions to those issues through the use of collaboration. We want to promote that collaborative mindset by which we can find the opportunities to effect change.

The inventiveness of the human mind is boundless and borderless, and even more so when connected to others. Have you got an idea? Give life to it, share it and make it a better idea through collaboration. That’s the spirit that #SMWGla is here to promote and it’s an opportunity to showcase its practical applications, and empower change together.

It could take as little as 5 minutes to start a significant change in the world. Submit an idea for an event at Social Media Week Glasgow now!

We have been reviewing and approving the first stack of events for #SMWGla. Deadline for submission is 21st of August. First Schedule of approved events will be live after mid-july.

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