#SMWGla themes announced!

Hi everyone! This year, in an attempt  to broaden the audience for SMWGla we have decided that we will be introducing themed events throughout the week. Not all events will be under the themes, they are not exclusive, so if you are thinking of submitting an event as long as fits under the overall theme of Empowering Change Through Collaboration that will be fine.
We thought that by adding themes throughout the week it would help us reach a wider audience, who may not be directly involved in Social Media but could see the potential of its use in their sector or area of interest.

By theming events we can address and analyse issues that have been or can be affected by the use of social media rather than just focusing on social tools, analytics and social media itself.

We are happy to announce that the themes for this year’s Social Media Week Glasgow have been decided with the help of the Advisory Board and those who attended the Brainstorming event. These chosen themes are very broad and cover a wide range of topics, but don’t forget, your event can still be accepted as long as it is under the overall theme of Empowering Change Through Collaboration.

The themes we have decided on are:

- Access
The objective of the access theme is to introduce the principles and opportunities offered through the use of social technologies to groups who are currently not accessing them.
Perhaps you could submit an event appealing to brand new users of social media, or maybe an app that allows the partially sighted to be more social online.

- Health and Wellbeing
This theme is to explore the role of collaboration and social tools in delivering better healthcare and encouraging wellbeing.
Here an event could be based around how mental health stigma is being challenged through social media or the launch of a new jogging app you want to introduce to the world.

- Education
The purpose of this theme is to explore the role of collaboration and social tools in delivering educational outcomes.
You might want to do an event on how social media affects the education of youngsters, or how collaborative technologies are transforming e-learning.

Further information about each theme will follow in future blog posts. In the meantime, start putting together some ideas and be as creative as possible. Show the world how innovative Glasgow can be!
Please remember that Social Media Week is a crowdsourced event and everybody is free and more than welcome to submit their own ideas. We have already received and approved events that are outwith the themes outlined above.

We have been reviewing and approving the first stacks of events for #SMWGla. Deadline for submission is 21st of August. First Schedule of approved events will be live after mid-July.

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