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Public Speaking, do you love it or does it fill you with dread? Some people thrive in the spotlight, some just like the sound of their own voice but for many the prospect of standing up in front of an audience turns the stomach to jelly and they become a stammering hesitant nervous wreck.

But what if you really do have something to say and you want to get the message out?
What if you think that with a little help you could just do that a bit better? Well a little help is at hand.

Social Media Week, being a crowdsourced event, presents many people with an opportunity to perhaps do their first public presentation, or polish their skills. So it was timely to see Tara Hunt highlight her journey as a public speaker and share some great coaching and development tips on Slideshare this week.

Like most things public speaking is a skill that can be developed and improved. We can’t all become Ricardo Semler – probably my favourite public speaker – and the nerves will probably never go away completely, but we can all get better with a bit of coaching and practice.

Tara makes interesting reference to the Hero’s Journey story model, a good narrative development tool,  and offers some good tips about recording yourself and listening back, and having the confidence to pause particularly to replace the “erms”, “ums” and “likes”.

Well worth a look and good advice that may make SMW an even better event for both speakers and delegates.

If you are thinking of an event why not come to the Event Challenge night in Glasgow and pitch your idea to an audience. Two minutes practice to get that public voice in shape.

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  1. […] Last week Tim blogged about presentation skills and public speaking. This week I wanted to introduce a presentation format: Pecha Kucha. Toby, CEO at Social Media Week, mentioned this very fascinating event format some days ago and made me think of some very nice Pecha Kuchas I attended with my friends at the Glasgow School of Art. And how much I loved them. […]

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