Social Media Week Glasgow, how to?

We have been working on Social Media Week Glasgow for the past 2 months, and are planning an even bigger success than last year. Once again though it will be largely down to you and your participation, engagement and ideas. You can all contribute to it and in many ways. We’re always looking for event partners, sponsors, volunteers, bloggers, who wish to help us make SMWGla a very innovative and inclusive experience for everyone.

We understand that, being crowdsourced, the format of the conference is unusual, and often it’s not easy to understand how to get involved, how it works and how to make the most of it. So, following suggestions from our Advisory Board and the brainstorming groupswe have produced some cheat sheet on some key topics, which we hope will help you understand some of the important aspects that often come up in conversation about the week. Please find them below:

What is Social Media Week A quick introduction to the concept of the week, its innovative format, its main objectives and the various ways you can get involved.

How to submit an event for #SMWGla A short and handy guide to the event submission process, which opened last month and will close on August 21.

Event Themes A brief introduction to the main themes for Social Media Week Glasgow: Access, Education, and Health & Wellbeing. The week will focus on these three topics, but events outside those themes are more than welcome too.

Sponsorship Opportunities A quick overview of the main sponsorship opportunities for SMW Glasgow.

Partnership Opportunities A short introduction to the various ways to become an in-kind partner for SMWGla.

Social Profiles An overview of all our social profiles.

If you need any more information or clarification on any aspect of SMWGla, or if you have a suggestion for another cheat sheet please let us know.

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