Interview with Angela Higgins, Asset Manager @skyparkHQ and #SMWGla Advisory Board member

This week we’re delighted to introduce you to Angela Higgins, Asset Manager of Skypark Glasgow, main hub of Social Media Week Glasgow for the second year in a row. 

Angela, thanks for being part of the Advisory Board and taking the time to speak to us now. Let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

An (almost) 44 year old mother of 2, I love the social aspects of business and run a niche investment/development business. I used to be a director with national and regional property companies and set up with my partner in 2009. I LOVE art and photography and pretty much anything creative. I’m a frustrated art student – I was going to go to the school of art before I started in property 23 years ago. I talk a lot and love communicating and working with teams. Makes every day so much more enjoyable.

Skypark was a great venue last year and you’re on board again this year. Can you tell us a bit more about your involvement with Social Media Week?
We run Skypark, a 560,000 sq ft business community and we are hosting events, helping to curate some, helping get the word out that is happening again this year in our fair city. I’m on the board to help understand the challenges and the opportunities for everyone, to help promote it’s coming again!

Why did you get involved the first time and what made you come back?
It’s just a fantastic way of encouraging everyone to engage, to mesh, meet up either through Social Media or in person, to promote Glasgow as the modern forward thinking city it is, to see how much we’re all using Social Media and what it’s doing to alter life. We just wouldn’t want to NOT be involved so we’re grateful we are. It’s just one of those events where you CAN get involved if you want to and everyone is welcome to bring something to the party. That’s our ethos here so SMW matches our everyday thinking.
Since you’re back on board, I guess last SMW’s edition has been successful for you. In what ways?

For sure. It brought more people to our location, it created a hub, we were trending, we introduced our occupiers to the concept. We enjoyed it!

Did anything about last year stand out?
The BUZZ. The different atmosphere to other social/business events, the range of people getting involved. It really put Glasgow on the map. We especially loved the Nokia vending machine we had on site. It was quirky and fun and everyone wanted to win on it. Most folk hadn’t heard of Foursquare before that.

What do you think will be this year’s biggest challenges for SMWGla?

Widening access, stepping out from the Social Media ‘geek umbrella badge’.

What would you like to see at SMWGla this year that you didn’t see last year?
More socially related events where you can practically see how it changes/assists/boosts everyday life.

How are you going to participate?
Help host, curate, provide a lounge for gathering, spread the word to the uneducated (especially prevalent in my own fields), work with companies coming here to site to attend/host. Attend!

How do you feel that you will contribute to the overall theme of ‘Empowering Change Through Collaboration’?
Continue encouraging others to socialise and see the benefits of wider activity, something we put into practice every day at Skypark. We have opened a collaborative workspace here with 5 creative companies, we collaborate with charities and art galleries, we bring people together for monthly social events and annual festivals, trade events and business exchanges on site – and it’s all spread simply via Social Media. Life at work doesn’t have to be dull. It helps if it isn’t and communication is the transformative key.

Anything else you would like to add?
Anyone wishing to host or needs help to do so just shout to us here at Skypark. We can lend a hand with space/bodies/promotion.

Thanks a lot Angela!

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