Mapping Gun Culture

One of the things we constantly stress at twintangibles is that when we refer to social media we are talking about a whole lot more than twitter and facebook. When we are talking about the impact it’s having we are talking about a great deal more than customer engagement.

And that is one of the reasons we got involved with Social Media Week because as an event it is very much about exploring the diversity and possibility presented by collaboration and action enabled and empowered by social and mobile technologies. Events during the week consistently explore the transformative possibilities of this behavioural enhancement that we often simply refer to as Social Media. Certainly in Glasgow we will be embracing the breadth of Don Tapscott’s theme of empowering change through collaboration.

So it is always interesting to discover novel and innovative projects that draw on social platforms to address challenging issues and coming across a project aimed at mapping gun culture in Serbia using a version of the Ushahidi platform really makes you realise how powerful this change can be.

The South East and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SEESAC) mapping project is in its early phases and is a follow up from other work and it plans to use social technologies to map and capture people’s attitude to gun ownership and use, and map incidents of public use of guns and, by extension, to begin to address what is a serious and challenging issue for the region, the proliferation of firearms and their use.

A hat tip here to Alice Casey on whose blog I stumbled on SEESAC project. And I discovered Alice’s blog when she commented on our crowdfunding blog series – grand how these things work isn’t it.

I for one will follow the progress of the project with interest and use it as another example, if more were needed, of how social and mobile technologies are affecting society culture and economy.

Good luck with the project SEESAC and if you want a platform to make the project more internationally visible can I suggest Social Media Week?

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