Interview with Diego Sartori, Social Media Manager at CitizenM, #SMWGla accommodation partners

Our interview with Diego Sartori, Social Media Manager at CitizenM, our official accommodation partners.

Hello Diego, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your role as a Social media manager at CitizenM.

In short, I’m a mobile citizen who appreciates traveling and exploring the new. At citizenM, I’m involved with everything digital but I specifically take care of the online reputation, or sentiment, of the brand and hotels. It’s a bit of analytics with a humanistic side. We measure what is being said about citizenM to learn and improve our product but also being in touch, keeping a conversation with citizens reaching out to us.

You were a great partner last year and you’re on board again this year. Can you tell us a bit more about your involvement with Social Media Week?

Last year we were amazed by the events and happy to be part of it, it all started with a tweet . Our main involvement is creating a hub for citizens coming to Glasgow to attend SMW but also hosting events at our business club SocietyM. Last year we also dedicated an entire issue of our digital magazine, citizenMag, to talk about social media. It’s online here. This year we are repeating the partnership, giving a discounted rate at our hotel but as well being a network hub during the evenings, where everyone is invited to tweet and share some SMW awesomeness using free Wi-Fi and our spaces. Social Media Week London coming onboard simultaneously with Glasgow, we are extending the partnership with our newest hotel, citizenM London Bankside.

Why did you get involved the first time and what made you come back?

citizenM is a hotel with a personality, hence the name, a short for citizen Mobile. We love sharing experiences and promote that, reason we re-imagined the idea of a hotel lobby, which feels more like a living room where you invite friends over. With love for technology, design and new trends, social media week is a natural fit to us.

Since you’re back on board, I guess last SMW’s edition has been successful for you. In what ways?

Definitely. In the business side, we got bookings and exposure, brand awareness. Our team met interesting people, networked, attended some of the events and learned what is happening, from an inspiring kick-off from Jeremy Gilley promoting World Peace Day, to fashion blogging trends.

Did anything about last year stand out?

The social wine tasting (smiles). But actually this is true, after trying a great ice wine, a very curious thing happened. I was with a group of friends and Sabine de Witte tweeted for restaurant suggestions in Glasgow. Red Onion’s restauranteur got back with a funny tweet and in an hour we were having dinner there. John gave us a lesson of how he uses social media to promote his restaurant. The food and atmosphere was great too, and we were all impressed that become a partnership, we often suggest his restaurant to our guests. Funny enough, John was also on the BBC radio Business Scotland talking about this event.

What do you think will be this year’s biggest challenges for SMWGla?

Centralising most events in a lesser number of venues. Although it was interesting the entire city being part of SMW, it was challenging getting around from one event to another in opposite sides of the city.

What would you like to see at SMWGla this year that you didn’t see last year?

More network events in the evening. Wine and beer tasting were great examples that could be applied every evening.

How are you going to participate?

Attending some of the events but we are also trying to put together an event at our business club SocietyM that will reflect the theme, Empowering Change Through Collaboration.

How else do you feel that you will contribute to the overall theme of ‘Empowering Change Through Collaboration’?

We will contribute by sharing and learning other experiences. The ambiance of our hotels enable and promote collaboration, which often start with a drink or lounging in a nice environment. Change is health, and necessary across our lives and business. We learned that social media is the most powerful tool to network and start a conversation, carrying to real life partnerships.

Anything else you would like to add?

I look forward to a once again successful Social Media Week.

Thanks Diego!

CitizenM is our official accommodation partners. They are offering a discounted rate for SMWGla delegates. Use the ‘partner code’ SOCIAL when booking a room for any date between the 24th and the 27th of September.

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