Wet and windy!

Ah well. I had such great plans for today, but have had to cancel my attendance at today’s SMW events due to the terrible weather affecting the country ! Not only did it make me too late to attend Social in the Community this morning, but the increased demands on my employers meant that I’ve not been able to leave my desk all day to go to anything else. Boo.

Although I can’t be there, at least I can try to follow events via twitter…after surfing through all the ‘glad to be here’ and promotional tweets, I find a link to an interesting article on online restaurant reviews amid the discussion on today’s sentiment analysis workshop. @herehussain is tweeting away some nice nuggets from the sessions she’s attending, her tweets include the following advice (something I’ve been banging away about for quite some time for our organisation!):

most important advice is not to ignore people’s complaints. Engage with them

Good stuff so far! Having now read the excellent How to follow and share article on the SMW website, I now check out the official Facebook page and find lots of good links to photos from events so far. Not really making up for my non-attendance though, as the pics make me feel I missed out by not being there rather than giving me access to some of the resources provided to the attendees. Maybe that’s the point though!

By far the most useful and innovative resource appears to be SMWlive, providing real-time streams of selected events. Unfortunately, my work’s IT policy doesn’t allow for live streaming. If only someone was holding a discussion on opening up access within the workplace:)

I sincerely hope the weather and workload allow me to attend other events this week, as it looks like it’s been pretty good so far!

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