Why Your Boss Should Love Social Media #smwwhyyourboss

In a day and age where everyone who is anyone is somehow involved with social media, it would be inconceivable to think there are still some out there who are shy to the idea.

Keith McMean, guest speaker at Social Media Week Glasgow highlighted this point during an event on Monday. He outlined that marketing landscapes are forever changing, and that to be left behind is not only detrimental to your business right now, but to generating in the future.

With advertising and marketing methods leaning more and more towards the digital age, it would appear that social media in its many forms is a great compliment to the traditional advertising and marketing methods.

So, what can you do?

Well the great thing about social media is that anyone can go on the journey. A journey outlined by Keith as never ending. In business terms, social media is a tool with which to shout out about your business and gain interest, meet new clients and knock business ideas back and forth.

In order to maximise the full use of your social media effort, the content of your online presence needs to meaningful and of quality. Keith mentioned the best way to prepare for any such event was to have a good solid strategy in place. Look at what your talking about and who with, are you being engaged with as much as you should be, as at the end of the day, the better quality will ultimately lead to a better return.

The four social media platforms Keith really pushed for a business are the usual big hitters;

-Google +

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