The Momentary Joy of Otters #smwswitchingoff

Once upon a time a nice lady called Jude found herself on a remote beach in Scotland. There, to her delight, an otter appeared in the sea diving and catching crabs. She watched for a while, transfixed by this beautiful and increasingly rare glimpse of nature…

…before turning to scramble in her bag, searching for a camera in order to capture the moment. The otter came out of the water. He sat a mere six foot from Judith and she weighed up the moment. Continue rooting round in her bag looking for the camera or… Just. Enjoy. The. Moment.

Enjoying the moment won the day. An excellent example of living mindfully hmm? The rather fab Jude and Em led the “Switching off – Mindfulness and Social Media” event at the In the Moment Centre for Movement and Wellbeing.

The two of them encouraged lots of discussion and ran exercises designed to get our group (and what an interesting collection of people they were!) thinking…

What started you on social media (me: er, newly single, someone told me there was a bloke on it I might like) and what keeps you there? What media are you exposed to on a daily basis – we listed the internet, the TV, the radio, phones, Facebook, Twitter, apps, our smart phones, branding and advertising. Etc, etc. What status updates are there on your Facebook newsfeed which generate an immediate reaction – and what should reaction be, if you stopped and thought about it for a minute or so?

Best of all Jude taught us a meditation exercise, designed to make us think mindfully. Oh the bliss of closing your eyes and listening to everything that surrounds you – the tick tock of a clock, the distant sounds of traffic, the coughs, splutters and breathing of your fellow human beings when they aren’t engaged in tap, tap, tapping away on keyboards, tablets and mobile phones!

There was plenty to learn from this informative session – our final session divided the participants into groups and we then had to come up with our own guidelines for staying mindful (and sane) on social. Marc in our group came up with ‘Eat before you tweet’ and we also opined on the values of doing one thing at a time (and doing it properly), watching your privacy settings, checking out emails & social media at allotted times, getting rid of spammers and reading posts properly.

All in all, a really good session and very useful too. I’m away to share my new-found mindful knowledge with friends and family (and with social media; but only at the time I’ve decided to look at Facebook).

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