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Have you ever had only one day to spend in a very famous city in the world? What do you do? I personally take a long walk, and try and see as much as I can, without entering any museums or big tourist attraction, just try and grasp the spirit of the city walking through…

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We have been working on Social Media Week Glasgow for the past 2 months, and are planning an even bigger success than last year. Once again though it will be largely down to you and your participation, engagement and ideas. You can all contribute to it and in many ways. We’re always looking for event partners,…

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Public Speaking, do you love it or does it fill you with dread? Some people thrive in the spotlight, some just like the sound of their own voice but for many the prospect of standing up in front of an audience turns the stomach to jelly and they become a stammering hesitant nervous wreck. But…

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