open collaboration

When we think of crowdsourcing, we mainly think of the process of gathering ideas to co-create something. That’s all “fine and dandy”, but there is more to it than that, at least if we want to use it to create real value. Crowdsourcing needs moderation, purpose, the right questions to be addressed, and yes, it…

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Hello everybody. Hope you have been enjoying the glorious sunshine over the past few days and getting some really nice photos of Glasgow for #InstagramYourCity! The deadline is next Friday 29th June so get snapping! Last Tuesday we had a meeting with the Social Media Week Glasgow Advisory Board, and held a brainstorming session with…

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Social Media Week Glasgow will be YOUR week. Let’s make it a great social event, where ‘social’ means collaborative with everyone, and open to all and any ideas! And let’s make it a crowdsourced event, made up of your thoughts, suggestions, inputs…What do you want to see at SMWGla? This is the question..and we’re looking…

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