Social Media Week Glasgow is produced by twintangibles

twintangibles is a Social Media consultancy that offers a range of services from strategy development, research, audit and monitoring, to training and management to clients in all sectors.  The origin of twintangibles is in Social Media research projects which demonstrated that most organisations needed expert assistance to deal with the challenges and harness the opportunities that this exciting development presents. twintangibles is led by Tim and Daniela who undertook the original research projects and continue to examine how the Social Media mindset can create change and value for both business and society.

Meet the Glasgow Team:

Tim Wright

 Director and Co-Founder, twintangibles

Tim has worked as a consultant, practitioner and senior manager with a number of global commercial    organisations including Egon Zehnder International and McKinsey & Co. For five years he was part of    the executive  management team of ITI Scotland – a £500M innovation programme based around a    highly collaborative open innovation model. A graduate of both Durham University and Robert Gordons  Universtity has an MBA with Distinction from the ULSM, and is a past winner of the  Ashridge/Guardian MBA Essay of the Year.

His understanding of the Social Media Mindset as an enabler for radical and innovative change in both business and society inspired him to set up twintangibles with Daniela Castrataro in 2010 as a mechanism to commercialise their joint Social Media research. twintangibles now assists clients from all sectors generate value from the application of the Social Media Mindset.

Daniela Castrataro

Director and Co-Founder, twintangibles
@danielaCast @twintangibles

A social media enthusiastic, Daniela started twintangibles with Tim Wright, determined to convert others  into “believers” in the unexploited power of Social Media. After a Masters level degree in Translation and  Languages for International Communication, Daniela worked as an Evaluation and Research Manager at  the Intellectual Assets Centre (Scotland), gaining a lot of useful insight into Scottish business landscape as well as a strong practical knowledge in intangibles and how to exploit them to generate business value. Daniela recently gained her Master in E-learning and occasionally works as an e-tutor for the Italian University of Tuscia. She is currently pursuing her MBA to formalize and acknowledge her business insight. All her interests and skills are now coming together to explore and exploit the diversity of applications of Social Media, a distinctive point of twintangibles

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