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Roundup Sept 26, Wednesday

Roundup Sept 26, Wednesday The day started with a food theme: What’s Not Cooking in Social Media #SMWHKFood. The theme continued with Twitter Feeding #SMWHKFeed and then Women Warriors #SMWHKwmn started the afternoon. Our round-up MC, Jay Oatway takes us through the day.


Unlike most industries, the Food & Beverage industry is one where sales, deals and discounts don’t work. At #SMWHKFood we learned that such offers make us question the food itself. We were told how social media can help include customers and fans in an exclusive experience. A key takeaway is that social media is about humanising your brand, not coupons and giveaways.


Chef Uwe Opocensky from the Mandarin Oriental, who was on the panel, uses social media to stay connected, but not to giveaway too much information. And that’s as much as time allows him.


The more tangible Twitter Feeding #SMWHKFeed event allowed invitees to eat while participating. A big topic there, was the high amount of food wastage in Hong Kong every day – 29 tonnes – and a highlight on some of the organisations that try to prevent that or pass along perfectly edible goods, like Hong Kong Feeding (@feedingHK). In one tweet, the event was described as “nourishing conversation with people hungry for change!” The conversations went as far as to talk about where we can find graffiti in the city – that’s how much we need organic creativity.


The event was a chance to be heard – dinner conversation at its best, says Jay. Knowing that what was said was also tweeted, attendees were eloquent, giving the best sound bite they could.


In the afternoon, Women Warriors had a panel including representatives from Quintessentially and Heels & Deals, who use social media to help grow their businesses. Their main message was to take social media seriously and to use it – whether you’re at home with a baby on your arm or in the office.


Building brand voice and authenticity is key for establishing relationships online – with brand partners, media and consumers. It’s too easy to get lost in a brand exercise. Content needs to be genuine, rather than just running a random contest that doesn’t relate to the business, to encourage people to click Like.


Another panellist, Joanne Ooi (@joanneooi) talked about enlisting and engaging opinion leaders on your platform to gain credibility. For that, consider going international.


Next, Jay talked about his own event, co-mastered with Ali Bullock. Social Media for Social Good #SMWHKsm4sg including the goal of helping the SPCA to re-home a dog named Spring Roll (#savespringroll), who also attended the event.


SPCA’s Michael Wong was the perfect guest to talk about the pros and cons of using social media as a charity. Jay rewrote an old adage about dog years: “One day is equal to seven years in the social media world.”


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was a well-used term during the event. Brands that have CSR programs should shout about it. There’s no reason not to promote the good CSR work and even invite their followers to join in activities. After all, it’s good PR and can build relations.


The main takeaways from the day:

  • Recommendations online really matter
  • Be connected beyond the restaurant – even as a service provider, you can connect
  • Empower others to follow your footsteps – share the good you do, in business or in social good
  • Our individual voices matter – in social media, we talk as people, even when we talk on behalf of a brand



Host Committee
Cohn & Wolfe-impactasia
Social Media Week, Hong Kong

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