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Social Media Week

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Social Media Week (SMW) is a leading media, news, publishing platform and worldwide event with a presence across five continents including Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

SMW’s mission is to capture, curate and share the most meaningful ideas, trends, and best practices from around the world with regard to social media’s impact on business, society and culture.

Since launching in 2009, SMW has expanded from one city to more than 26 worldwide in just five years. In that time, organizers Crowdcentric, together with local city partners, have hosted more than 100,000+ attendees across thousands of individually organized events.

As we continue to grow and expand our global reach, we’re always on the lookout for new potential host cities. Below I’ve included information on the types of cities that typically host SMW, the kind of effort that’s involved, and the benefit of hosting in your city.

What are the benefits of hosting SMW?

There are a variety of benefits to hosting SMW in your city. We are one of the largest distributed conferences in the world. Active in 5 continents around the globe, having had a presence in 26 major cities and reaching over 60,000 physical attendees per year, your organization is placed on the global stage.

The global team (My Team) has a strong track record of helping our local partners to make connections to global brands, speaker and audience. Here are 3 important areas where you benefit:

  1. Brand Awareness and Recognition: Your organization is placed on the global stage and gains more exposure & credibility
  2.     + Be exposed to international media coverage
        + Spotlight your brand to your community and your city to the SMW international community

  3. Business Development: Your organization has the opportunity to develop valuable relationships with new partners/clients and deepen existing relationships
  4.     + Connect locally, engage globally
        + Attract international speakers & thought leaders
        + Give back to the local business community
        + Engage government, private and public sector organizations with new and unique opportunities

  5. Commercial Gain: Your organization has the potential to execute on profitable revenue generating opportunities
  6.     + Access to global brands & sponsors
        + Generate a new source of revenue for your business
        + Generate alternative revenue streams through premium pass sales and merchandising

  7. Support and Guidance from the Global Team
  8.      Finally, Crowdcentric will provide your team with all of the necessary tools to help guide and support your SMW
         conference, including not just web platforms but also a set of global milestones and availability for calls
         and support on the plans you put together to execute your city’s conference.

How does the application process work?

  1. You will need to fill out the initial application questionnaire to help the SMW global team better understand your organization’s and city’s collective qualifications to host SMW. This form can be found at the bottom of this page.
  2. Once we have received your initial application, our selection committee will review and contact you if you have qualified for the next phase.
  3. If successful, you will receive a written brief which we require all new City Organizer applicants to complete within 30 days, together with a video supporting your application.
  4. Once received the application will be reviewed and the selection committee will be in touch with feedback and decision as to whether your application has been successful.

Are there upfront fees needed to host SMW?

There are no application fees or initiation fees for hosting SMW. Host teams can expect to budget for costs related to production and staffing at least 5-6 months prior to the conference. These costs can be offset with opportunities to generate profit by securing sponsorships, of which a commission is allotted to Crowdcentric.

What types of cities are we typically looking for?

Typical SMW Cities are…

+ Globally recognized for media and communication innovation
+ Seeing a growing and vibrant start-up community flourish
+ Known for having a history of hosting large-scale globally renowned events

What types of organizations typically host SMW?

We receive a high volume of of host city applications from a variety of organizations, both large and small.

The following characteristics really stand out to us.

+ Are highly networked across multiple industries
+ Have experience in event or conference production
+ Have experience in securing and executing sponsorships
+ Are highly collaborative in practice
+ Are highly experienced in community management and building
+ Have a history of producing and distributing compelling written and visual content
+ Want to change the world for the better

What type of effort is involved in hosting SMW?

Your host team will need to have at least 3 people working full-time to organize SMW at least 6 months prior to the conference. 2-3 months leading up to SMW, you’ll need to have at least 4-5 people working full-time.

The top areas of focus include:

+ Programming / Event Partners
+ Sponsorships / Sales
+ Logistics / Event Production / Technical
+ Communications / Promotion / Media Relations
+ Community Management



Chairman of the Advisory Board, Social Media Week Lagos, and Founder, Dragon Africa

“Ever since my partner Ngozi Odita introduced me to the Social Media Week Platform and Toby and his team, I’m continually amazed at the simplicity of the platform and its power; it has already moved Lagos forward in terms of giving amplification to many underreported areas. I am extremely proud to have brought Social Media Week to Africa and I see enormous possibilities for it on this continent and indeed elsewhere. Very few platforms are as relevant or as interactive. I believe it has an overwhelming capacity for good and it enables more knowledge and sharing; and those things can only be positive for Lagos and its citizens. Social Media Week enables important conversations about life in the 21st century because no matter where you live, we are all now impacted by new media both online and offline. How we react to this and how we deal with this lies at the heart of the week, long may it live.”

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, R SQUARE Consulting

“Social Media Week is a logical festival for an emerging market like India, with its young demographics and vibrant diversity unified by the power of social media. For R SQUARE Consulting, SMW was a testimony of our philosophy of providing marketing services with an integrated approach of Events & Activation with Digital Marketing & Technology. The philosophy that was successfully implemented in the inaugural edition in Mumbai that has created a huge buzz and respect for our organisation in the market.”

Application Form

Fill out the following form to see if your organization & city are eligible to qualify to receive a formal SMW city briefing assignment.