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Musing through Everyday Africa’s Instagram page is like taking a long, whimsical walk through a decolonized continent. A hope filled place where neighbours peer over each other’s improvised fences and converse candidly with the warm sun on their backs, kids happily running wild in the backdrop. We caught up with co-founder, Peter DiCampo for the…

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After watching Curtis Fields perform the song Opposites Attract at the BET Awards last weekend, strumming a guitar on a smartphone in front of  a live audience , I thought I’d seen everything. Then I came across Oluseyi Asurf of Asurf Films – the man who learned everything he knows about filmmaking from watching YouTube tutorials at night.  Could…

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It’s not news to say that the ground-breaking smartphone has unearthed a minefield of applications. And as with most inventions, some are relevant, and some…some are just a waste of space, energy and resource. One thing you can rely on though is fellow Africans to show the world how technology can really change the world…

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In most informal debates about youth and media we’re drawn to point out how the ‘West’ is influencing the course of  trends that seem to stick out like a sore thumb on our shores. In this interview, Edlyne Akumu  tells us about  Usanii Lab – an initiative born out the sheer pursuit of knowledge and…

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Ever walked into a store and walked out with nothing because you were confused by the tons of options/ information you had coming at you from all angles? Research has shown that too many options can lead to one making poor decisions, leave you feeling tired, mentally drained and dissatisfied. Eek! We wouldn’t want that…

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Just a little after the world (read America) caught up with our clannish day to day threads and hailed them as last season’s fashion phenomenon of tribal prints, it seems that while in Africa they also caught up with our music. Jumping straight into the Afrobeats bandwagon that ushered many into the New Year  before we’d even begun to…

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Ever wonder what would happen if you found yourself in a sticky situation in some foreign country and you didn’t know how to call for help because you don’t know the language? No…?  Me neither. But for those that are now weary of such things happening, here is what may come in handy while globetrotting…

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With Africa possessing the fastest mobile phone market in the world, learning how to use this platform seems to be the next step towards the betterment of the continents’ infrastructure. Cue in Bozza- a social media application focused on local made-for-mobile content that is contextually relevant  to the African market that opens up to a world of…

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Not to state the obvious or anything but Africa has long gone past being the “dark continent”. With the infamous Western influence seeping through at a steady rate- which is for once actually a good thing-our continent is quickly becoming a social media society. It’s astounding to think that the same people who for centuries…

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