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Stanbic IBTC

Stanbic ITBC Bank was a part of our #smwInnovatorsEat breakfast series today. The bank spoke about all things money and the future of digital banking. Gbenga Agboola, project manager of for mobile payment solutions at Stanbic ITBC Bank, was able to speak to us about the obstacles for some Nigerians opening accounts and what the…

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Where would social media be without the informational content that spurs engaging conversations? Attending this year’s Social Media Week Lagos were a number of content creators from across the world who understand the key role that social media plays in pushing content forward. As a Social Media Week Lagos press partner, AFKInsider has positioned itself…

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Afrobeat panel

African music has only the next three years to capitalize off the western market before people’s attention drift said music producer Rab Bakari to an audience at Social Media Week Lagos. Rab Bakari spoke on the panel “Afro-Beats Abroad: Western Perceptions & Why We Should Care,” as part of the #SMWMusicAfrica conference. Topics included copyright…

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Influx of international digital marketing agencies and expertise With the growth in Africa’s internet penetration and and mobile broadband subscriptions digital marketing is also gaining traction as an alternative advertising medium. However African nations face the challenge of not having enough digital agencies and experts to fulfil the increasing need for online marketing. This creates…

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Start-ups and businesses can now launch at or scale into many Africa markets by adopting technologies such as the Internet and social media however how are the odds of winning in various markets increased by ones social media strategy. REGISTER: Social Media For Start-Ups 2.0 – Connecting With The African Markets While I’d be doing…

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When volunteering comes to mind, many people probably think,” no pay.” I wonder how many people think about Google, Facebook, and Social Media Week Lagos! Brands -like individuals in the world of work-  can thrive in the emerging hyper-dynamic world of business by capitalising on free offerings. Well, enough of my free business consultancy advice……

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There’s no better time than the beginning of the year for tech entrepreneurs to cast a fresh perspective on their current workflow and outlook. Yet, with all of the multitasking required from an online start-up, taking time out to reassess is no easy feat. Before the first month of the new year comes to a…

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The 2014 Social Media Week is around the corner, and that is one event Africa is looking forward to. With the theme ‘A Connected Africa’, no doubt there is need to take a look at how social media tools play a role in what events of the future will look like. In fact, we at…

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To stay in school or to drop-out? With entrepreneurial dropouts like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Tumblr’s David Karp having launched hugely successful start-ups, that is the question facing more and more young entrepreneurs. Yet, Social Media Weeks Lagos contributor and Nigerian entrepreneur Nubi Kay seems to have decided that a good education is still valuable. Having received…

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After watching Curtis Fields perform the song Opposites Attract at the BET Awards last weekend, strumming a guitar on a smartphone in front of  a live audience , I thought I’d seen everything. Then I came across Oluseyi Asurf of Asurf Films – the man who learned everything he knows about filmmaking from watching YouTube tutorials at night.  Could…

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When you have Mari Smith (Facebook Expert), and Gary Vaynerchuk of Vayner Media throw  a social media hangout, no doubt something awesome is going to come out of it. No surprise Gary took the opportunity to share about his new book: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – How To Tell Your Story In A Noisy…

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Social Media Week (Lagos) is my favourite conference so far, and if you have doubts about that, then read my Top 5 moments from the maiden edition. However, moving to Dublin has its perks. Aside from the tourist attractions, diversity, and breweries, the tech scene here is amazing, and one way to get a good…

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Lagos at night

Making a Case for Nigeria As the Continent’s Technology Leader Earlier this year, technology news website Mashable posed the following question: “Is Lagos Home to an African Tech Movement?” In the article, writer Monty Munford bolstered this consideration by pointing to the West African nation’s innovative residents, emerging tech hubs like CC Hub Nigeria, the…

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This is a guest post by Deola Kayode Crisis happens. A sub-standard product. Poor customer service. A leaked document. Controversial video, blog post or article. Crisis-laden information spreads with lightening speed on social media. If you consider this list of worst social media disasters in 2011 (mashable complied another list in 2012) and you will…

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Tech, Africa & the Diaspora: 3 Questions with Jon Gosier It’s been an interesting road for the self-proclaimed “glorified tech geek” Jon Gosier.  The arts school graduate moved to Uganda in 2008 and founded Appfrica, a tech company that helps corporations enter African markets while providing local talent. The techpreneur has since moved back to…

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