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The colorful worlds of food and photography collided at Eat. Shoot. Repeat, a Social Media Week Lagos event held by global headline sponsor Nokia to showcase its showcase brands, Nokia Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320.  Photography masters Kelechi Amadi Obi, Bayo Omoboriowo and Chiekezi Dozie were on hand to demonstrate the many benefits of the…

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Afrobeat panel

African music has only the next three years to capitalize off the western market before people’s attention drift said music producer Rab Bakari to an audience at Social Media Week Lagos. Rab Bakari spoke on the panel “Afro-Beats Abroad: Western Perceptions & Why We Should Care,” as part of the #SMWMusicAfrica conference. Topics included copyright…

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Plan Social Media Week Lagos is as vibrant as the city itself. This year promises to be even more event packed and busier than last year.Without careful planning it can get overwhelming. If you have not already booked the events you are interested in then book now before all the spaces go. Download the the…

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From day to night, social media keeps us connected in a number of intimate ways like never before, allowing people to share their most remarkable memories via instant images, videos and text. Following each full day of informative events, attendees will be able to unwind and let loose thanks to the entertaining nightlife programming provided at…

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Social Media Week Lagos will be underway in just a few days. And if you consider yourself a traveler, you’re probably curious about the intersection of travel and tech. Fellow wanderer, the weeklong conference will host more events than you can possibly attend. Have no fear, here are our favorite events for the nomad at…

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Musing through Everyday Africa’s Instagram page is like taking a long, whimsical walk through a decolonized continent. A hope filled place where neighbours peer over each other’s improvised fences and converse candidly with the warm sun on their backs, kids happily running wild in the backdrop. We caught up with co-founder, Peter DiCampo for the…

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How to fin cheap flights

Social Media Week Lagos is in a month and if you haven’t already, it’s time to buy your plane tickets. You will also need a visa to Nigeria. Information on how to get a tourist visa is here. One of the items you will need for your visa is proof of departure. For many of…

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In Nigeria and across the globe, many entrepreneurs and companies are hard at work, striving to launch the next big digital innovation that will push the music industry to new frontiers. Last week, we presented you with NotJustOK, Spinlet and iRoking, three websites that not only provide its many users with the latest Nigerian music, but…

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What can one say in 140 characters? That was one of the most common questions asked when people began to flock to Twitter as their social network of choice. Twitter has defied all odds to become a global contender among social networking sites (or a leading information networks, as its employees like to call it)….

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Me pushing a cab in Lasgidi

Lagos is a totally DIFFERENT Beast and in must be fed – From Accra to Lagos by Road. As I write this I know this will be one of the stories I share with my kids and grand kids about my journey to Lagos. Everyone Ghanaian who has ventured into the territory of our bigger…

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After watching Curtis Fields perform the song Opposites Attract at the BET Awards last weekend, strumming a guitar on a smartphone in front of  a live audience , I thought I’d seen everything. Then I came across Oluseyi Asurf of Asurf Films – the man who learned everything he knows about filmmaking from watching YouTube tutorials at night.  Could…

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Lagos isn’t a travel destination for the faint-hearted, but with some planning you’ll be rewarded with an experience you’ll be talking about for years.What can make your trip run smoother is a bit of planning. Here are some apps that can help you stay organized.  TripIt Before you even step foot in Lagos, get yourself…

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Thanks to the border-smashing capabilities of the Internet, Nigerian music fans can listen to their favorite songs faster than they can say “Ice Prince.” With the digitization of music came a wave of innovative and disruptive platforms all vying to provide listeners across the globe with access to the latest music on new technologies. Yet,…

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It’s not news to say that the ground-breaking smartphone has unearthed a minefield of applications. And as with most inventions, some are relevant, and some…some are just a waste of space, energy and resource. One thing you can rely on though is fellow Africans to show the world how technology can really change the world…

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Gabi Smith

Travel isn’t just  fun, but it’s a way to challenge your perspective about the world around you. Founder of Thenublk (The New Black), Gabrielle Smith, shared a little bit about her first time in Africa for Social Media Week Lagos 2013. She described how her perception of Nigeria was challenged, the connections she’s made and how…

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