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Someone once defined twitter as a global chat room, where millions of users visit to share tweets using text, and links to photos, videos, and other content formats in 140 characters or less. With half-a-billion (500,000,000) tweets published daily on the platform (and an expected 1 billion tweets per day in 2014), here are some…

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Me pushing a cab in Lasgidi

Lagos is a totally DIFFERENT Beast and in must be fed – From Accra to Lagos by Road. As I write this I know this will be one of the stories I share with my kids and grand kids about my journey to Lagos. Everyone Ghanaian who has ventured into the territory of our bigger…

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It’s not news to say that the ground-breaking smartphone has unearthed a minefield of applications. And as with most inventions, some are relevant, and some…some are just a waste of space, energy and resource. One thing you can rely on though is fellow Africans to show the world how technology can really change the world…

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Facebook statistics for Africa 2013

Why education is the most important factor for the growth of social media marketing in Africa. As I write this post I am contemplating the hows and whys my digital marketing agency Nkanee managed to lose a high profile and well paying client recently. Was it the cost? Was it poor communication? It definitely wasn’t…

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Ever walked into a store and walked out with nothing because you were confused by the tons of options/ information you had coming at you from all angles? Research has shown that too many options can lead to one making poor decisions, leave you feeling tired, mentally drained and dissatisfied. Eek! We wouldn’t want that…

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Happy New Year Everybody! Glad you made it. 2012 was a good year for social media (incl. social giving), and having looked at the Nigerian Facebook landscape for 2012,  with focus on Engagement Rate (ER) for brands and pages, I have decided to delve-in to how you can optimize ER for your online community – whether it be…

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getinvolved1OF5 head

READY. SET. PITCH! Africa is sure to put it’s own flavor on Social Media Week… and we are excited to help you get started! Open & Connected is not just our Global Theme , it’s how Social Media Week works! Driven by the community, Social Media Week Lagos is a week long event of amazing panels, parties and workshops that are…

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